Our Strengths For Spatial Data Acquisition / Survey / GIS and data processing projects

  • Use of latest equipment viz., LiDAR, GPR, DGPS, Total Stations etc.,
  • Underground assets / utilities mapping.
  • Readiness to work in inhospitable terrains.
  • Clear understanding of spatial data acquisition methodologies.
  • Expertise in digital interpretation techniques and visual interpretation techniques.
  • Providing practical, cost-effective solutions.
  • Imparting project-based knowledge to the client - educating the client so that they know what they require and what they don't need to, to economize on the project expenditure.
  • Helping clients in framing proposals and requirements for their spatial data management needs.
  • Choosing the right data acquisition technology, the right software, hardware platform and the right methodology.
  • Network mapping and consumer indexing - a critical requirement of water, electricity and telecom companies.


Projects Executed